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PostSubject: ★ Alt Codes ★   ★ Alt Codes ★ EmptySun Jan 25, 2009 9:26 am

Alt codes are little codes you can type in to display a little image or
special characters. Such as and . Here, we list lots of the alt
codes you can use. To use an alt code, you need to hold down the ALT
key on your keyboard, and then enter (while holding down alt) some
numbers. These will only work if you use the numbers on the right of
your keyboard, on the Num pad. So you'd hold down alt and press say
0151. You let go of 0 (still holding alt), and enter 1. And so on. Just
to make that clear.

ALT+124 = White heart
ALT+141 = Spiral
ALT+157 = White star
ALT+159 = Black Heart
ALT+161 = Single note
ALT+0151 = Double notes
ALT+422 = Skull
ALT+167 = Lighting bolt
ALT+230 = Coffee cup
ALT+241 = Mobile/cell phone
ALT+246 = Thumbs down
ALT+249 = Thumbs up
ALT+248 = symbol
ALT+168 = symbol
ALT+173 = symbol
ALT+271 = Euro sign
ALT+276 = Light Bulb
ALT+0153 = symbol
ALT+0245 = Spade symbol
ALT+0135 = "No Entry" sign
ALT+0169 = Symbol
ALT+0174 = Symbol
ALT+0145 = Black Padlock
ALT+0204 = White Padlock
Shift+ \ = Heart
ALT+0169 = Copyright
ALT+0174 = Registered
ALT0176 = Superscript
ALT+424 = Upside down
ALT+667 = Cent symbol
ALT+21 = Peculiar
ALT+156 = Pound
ALT+130 = Dashed
ALT+0216 = Dashed
ALT+0135 = Stop sign
ALT+0213 = Diamond
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★ Alt Codes ★
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