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-P1C = Private 1st Class
-SPC = Specialist

To Advertise in the front row and provide Assistance.

Male== Enlists:dark brown round shoes, Light tan pocketed short sleeve shirt,pocketed pants or shorts. Brown Second belt and white hat.

Female==Females: Light tan sports bra/short sleeve shirt,pocketed pants/Shorts, round shoes, Second Brown belt and White Hat
-SGT = Sargeant
-SSG = Staff Sargeant
-S1C = Sargeant 1st Class
-MSG = Master Sargeant
-1SG = 1st Sargeant
-CSM Commanding Sargeant Master
-SMOA Sargeant Major of the Army

Duties:Gate Guard, Training Enlists, Advertising.

Male== Light-tan Long Sleeve Shirt With Double pockets, All Dark Brown pants with pockets/shorts, Brown Round Shoes, White Buckle belt and matching hat.

Female==Light-Tan Shirt Bra, Brown Pants with Pockets, Brown Round Shoes, White Buckle Belt, and matching hat.

-E9C - E1C
-PRO = Professional
-1ME =1st Master Elite
-1EC = 1st Elite Commander

Duties:GGing, Training Enlists, Scouting Games and Giveaways,

Uniform: Male:ALL DARK Brown,Brown Pants with Pockets, Brown Round Shoes, White Buckle Belt, and matching hat.

Female==ALL DARK BROWN Sports Bra,Brown Pants with Pockets/shorts, Brown Round Shoes, White Buckle Belt, and matching hat.

-1CO =1st Class Operative
-EO = Elite Operative
-MO = Master Operative
-OS = Operation Specialist
-OPC = Operative Commander
-MSC = Mission Commander
-TAC = Tactician
-MTC = Master Tactician
-ETC = Elite Tactician
-LTA = Leading Tactician

Duties: Spying, Espionage,Raid Strategy

Males: RED Long Sleeve Shirt w/Pockets, Brown pants w/pockets. White buckle belt.
(Tacticians only)

Females: Red Long Sleeve Shirt, Tie, Brown Pants, White Buckle Belt.(Tacticians only)


Duties: Training for Officer, Power Spot in Vip, GG, Train Recruits.

Male: Red Pocketed Short Sleeve shirt, brown belt, Brown pocketed pants and shoes.

Female: Red Short Sleeve Shirt, brown belt, Brown pocketed pants and shoes.

Duties:Raid train, Power Spot, Call Stand Fast,

Males:White Pocketed Short Sleeve Shirt, DARK brown pants, Round shoes, Brown belt, Matching Hat.

Females:White Shirt, DARK brown pants,round shoes, brown second belt.matching hat.


Duties:Approve activities of raiding and espionage.

Males:RED TINTED SUIT, DARK RED pocketed pants, DARK GRAY round shoes,

Females: Long Dark Red/Dark Gray Coat, Scarf. Dark Gray Long Skirt/Pocketed Pants.Scarf

Duties: To advise Mercenary Commander and others.

-Secretary of Staff
Duties: To make meetings and appointments.

-Cheif of War
Duties: Head of the Dept. of Troopers. Conduct raids and Tactics.

-Chief of Intel
Duties:Head of Dept. of Espionage. Oversees Operatives and protect thier identities.
Incharge of Intelligence gathering.

-Chief of Affairs
Duties: Head of Alliances/Elites. Deals with allies and enemies.

-Chief of Order
Duties: Makes Rules,Approves them, and Enforces the Mercenary Way.

-Vice Mercenary
Duties: Is Second in command of The MAF. in Mercenary Commander's Place.

-Mercenary Commander
Duties: Leads the Army and approves all activities.

-Founder / MercenaryKing

Duties: Has Final say on evrything condoned in the MAF.
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you forgot Mercenarys
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Ranks and File
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